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Grazziotin Architecure

Architecture has a timeless task, which is to concretize man's being in the world, to make our shapeless flow reality into a tactile space. Form that help us remember ultimately who we are and placing ourselves in a continuum of culture.

Joao Vitor Cosseau Grazziotin

M.arch candidate at California Baptist University. Originally from Brazil, I am pursuing my high education in the United States since my senior year of High School. I have been passionate about building, creating and developing spaces since I was only a child. This site is the representation of my work and study along all this years in a portfolio with academic work and a few built and under design projects.  Currently, I am a third year student pursuing my Master's degree in architecture. I am committed to every decision and goals I set forward. I have been developing skills on BIM modeling and learning new constructability methods to innovate architecture in other countries.




Norco College

Two years pursuing general education classes requirements, a few basic major requirements for architecture, and a full time student-athlete. Graduate in 2021 with a certificate in Architecture Graphics.



California Baptist University

Entered the Program in the second year, with multiple scholarships including within the architecture program. Currently in the third year, I will be pursuing the full accelerated master's program by 2025.

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