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Italy Trip

One month of history, architecture, urbanism and food. A study trip to analyze, visualize, and feel the evolution of architecture at one of the most iconic countries, Italy. 



A city full of power in its history, and with remarkable architects, painters, sculptures. Its Renaissance architecture and Gothic glimpses were predominant in the historic center. Romantic, discoverable but yet powerful, Firenze has a unique atmosphere from its urbanism and culture. 



Elegancy and intimacy are key elements from this city. Famouns by the mulyiple buildings designed by a well known architect, Andrea Palladio. True jewel nestled in the heart of the Veneto region, with a mix of traditions. 



Hilly, this city was full of gothic architecture, its verticality and pointy arches did tell that the area had a different culture and artistic representation than Firenze.



Smaller and romantic that invite people to feel comfortable with its narrow and tight corridors in angles of discovery between small islands. The sense of direction is lost until you find a wider piazza or larger canal, the city fabric commands you and englobes you as you are guided.

IMG_9093 1.heic


The romance and intimacy were strong aspects of the urbanism and history of this smaller city. Similar streets and discoverable moments as Firenze but less in size and power gave the city a more calm and slower pace. 



Layers of history and transition of power. A city fabric that has not only been modified, but has more than three layers above modifications, that appear and disappear as you walk along the streets. From linear and axial approaches from to the older narrow and tight streets from the Renascence, to remains of the ancient buildings and cities. 

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