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A walkable city, that can intimidate with the grandeur of its buildings and history, but its city fabric and urbanism are more than welcoming. Being from an Italian descendance, I could not feel less at home in regarding to smell and food around the hotel in small walks. However, the streets with narrow and tight corners and points of discovery made the experience of feeling comfortable a lot easier. Firenze is a city of many faces, its historic core center displays big and open piazzas that imposes power from castles and palazzi from the rich families that once ruled over Toscana. At the same time, intimate and discoverable streets full of mediaeval  small houses complemented the opposite extreme in the city. The buildings that make this city be known are unreal when you walk up to them, there is no photo or description that will prepare you when you turn the corner and suddenly the largest duomo of the city is at your nose with its majestical gothic style. Its scale and detail is something that the brain just could not process as real and possible. Firenze deserves days to truly be discovered and felt, from its small gelati places, the osterias with the famous Fiorentina Bistecca and a great gnocchi quattro formaggi or the huge palazzi and piazza that demonstrate the history and power of the city.

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