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Interior Renovation




Caxias do Sul



An old house that became a law office needed a renovation for the bathroom, to make the space smaller and compact, at the same time creating a longer and greater space for communal encounter in the center of all offices rooms. 

The 1950’s brick wall was taken down, and a new brick wall constructed closer to the opposing wall, developing a smaller restroom for guests, with a modern and more welcoming environment. At the same time, they hall gained space and the opportunity to design an small cafe space for breaks and occasional encounters inside the office was presented. All electrical and plumbing were scheduled and managed to complete the renovation within the time and budget limits.

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Details and managing detail for the eletrical, pumbling and architectral overlays within the same plan. Many decisions were made with professinal in the areas on site, developing better solutions. 

Specific casework design was done for the coffee furniture, with a sink storage as requested from the clients, improving the cleaning ad organization of the space, and maintaining privacy in the rooms around. Eletrical plan informing cables, switches, and points of light.



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