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Law Office




Caxias do Sul, Brazil



The existing building is a one story office building, previously a small house. With the amplification of the firm and technologies innovations, more space, offices and communal rooms were required so the company could expand. The addition of a confuse floor, and the renovation of the exterior and interior materials and frames will give the law firm a new look for a new era.

The goals is to utilize the maximum area available with the restriction on new setbacks, zone usage and coding regulations, to create two new offices for the associates in the second floor, a informal communal room that can be used for informal meetings ad the reallocation of the reception and main entry point based on circulation density and path from the streets. Safety is also a concern that is being taken into consideration in the design


The main concept of the project is to use the maximum space of the site, better control of the sun, and orientation of specific rooms. The two new offices must be close and next to each other at the second level, reserved for the owners associates. The founder required his office to be located at the corner, to have more view and natural light. Metal grades in the existing windows were designed to replace the existing ones, they were stretched horizontally to break the cube shape from the building, and serve as potential space for logo space. The reception will be moved from the south side to the north side where the major roads and traffics is located. New rules now order one side to have a 4 meter setback, and the other side of choice to have 2 meters since it is located in the corner of the block.

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Firts and Second Floors plans, designed to better floe the circulation from the outside to the offices spaces through communal spaces before the more private spaces.

An existent middle floor used as storage will serve as the middle ground between the public lobby to the more private associate offices. This space will serve as break room, or informal meetings and encounters with business friends.


Currently, the building is passing from schematic design to design development and looking into the construction documents required to city approval by an engineer. More development is still to decide details in materiality, interior design spaces to fulfill the functions as needed. Possibilities for the structure and constructibility are still being discussed during design development and construction executive decisions.

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