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Work&Live Project




New York



Design Team


Located in 812 Washington Street, New York, NY, this project has its focused to study and analyses the relationship between living and working areas and activities, within a always changing society. It was assigned the Art Gallery as the work type, together with more than 40 apartments, studios, 1,2, and 3 bedroom apartments. 

Exercise based on multiple options of paths and approaches to the site from points of interest related to the work type assigned. Therefore, Art supplies, schools and galleries around the site were highlighted and paths created to better understand circulation paths, and community.

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Another challenge the site brought, was the difficulty to achieve natural light in the center and back areas of the site, since the west side is completely blocked by the next building, and the north and south facades are smaller and thinned than the east facade. Since the program of the building is a U-shape array of apartments, all units have natural light, fixing one end of the problem. The central vertical circulation, was then left in the dark middle portion. The solution was an atrium space that extends from the third floor all the way to the roof, and interchanging bridges connecting the side based on the units doors, which all allows natural light to enter directly and indirectly into the space. Creating a majestic space that allows community, more intimacy and a passive energy solution. 




The program is based on a square footage set for the work type, and the living spaces, accounting for MEP, and support spaces, as well as, emergency routes and ADA compliant units and work areas. The building was designed to divide both areas and use a middle learning environment to connect the outside community to the residents and more private spaces. The progression of the program spaces was defined from public art galleries to learning spaces and transitioning to the living areas.

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A substantial project will connect the emerging new artists within the building with the surrounding art community, developing spaces for networking and collaboration, inscribing its footprint and exchanging knowledge. With a vast community of art set in Chealse neigborhood, there is a challenge to solidify the building presence within the community and create spaces for young emerging adults living in that area.

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